Meet the Team

We are the faces behind the camera and thought you may be interested in getting to know us a little better!

We both spent the greater portions of our childhood in Massachusetts and only transplanted to the Pacific Northwest  a year after we were married. We don't miss that east coast weather but we do miss its gorgeous fall foliage. We met working in restaurants and have always thrived working next to each other. As much as we get along however, we are pretty much the epitome of opposites attracting. I think we balance each other quite nicely.                       

Devon bought our first professional camera while we were dating and that sealed the deal on our relationship right then and there. We've been married for 12 years (on Halloween!) and couldn't be happier or more thankful with the way the world works out. We have always been a creative duo and we are so thankful we get to continue working right alongside each other.       

When our little man came along, we knew that we deserved to be doing something that made us truly happy, after all that's the only thing we want for our little guy's future. That's when Filling the Frame Photography was our new path. Building a business isn't easy, but we know that it is exactly where we want to be.

We now have a six  year old who is ridiculously funny, active and kind. We homeschool our little dude so that we can not only be in each other's daily lives but on our own schedule which allows us to have the flexibility we need with our crazy schedules. I don't know how he does it, but that little guy keeps us grounded. 

On most days you can find us outside enjoying all the Pacific Northwest has to offer. We feel so fortunate to live in such a beautiful corner of the world and try to take full advantage as often as we can. We don't see ALL the sunsets but we certainly try. 

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