L O V E | Marry Me Again and Again

Oh my goodness, YOU GUYS! I am pulled over on the side of the road because I cannot wait to tell you about these two love birds. I can.not.handle it. Meet Ryan and Chris. Their very first picture made me swoon. I need to start taking pictures of people watching us during a session because I am sure there were some adorable AWWWW’s and OHHHHH’s watching us. These two were perfection.

They’ve been together for 8 years and about 6 months ago they said their I DO’s. Their wedding had sideways wind and rain storms and they had no images of them loving each other outside on their wedding day! SO- here we are. :) 6 months later they put on their wedding attire (shoes and all) and came to play with me at Snoqualmie Falls in Washington. Oh man, do I love this location (I need to move closer) because the variety in backdrops, available parking and magical lighting all make this spot a huge hit. 

These guys were so lovey-dovey that I just barely guided them through our session. (I bet I could secretly follow them through their day and find them acting like this!!) They make me want to go home and kiss my own husband!  It rained as I pulled in the parking lot, and all I could think was “Not for this couple!!!!” They were here to redo their love session. Redo their images that were rained out 6 months ago. If there was ever a session to not get rained on, this was it. Thank goodness, we didn’t get more than a few drops and survived the session. (It is raining on my car as I write this- so either our session was timed perfectly or someone was looking out for these two!)

This is why I LOVE photography. I get a glimpse into someone’s moment. Their love. Their whole world. I get a chance to capture it; To freeze time just as it is, in it's perfection and imperfection and make it last forever.  When I meet a couple like this, I always think: I hope my child finds happiness like this. TRUE HAPPINESS. You don't always see it, but when you do you just want to bottle it up and keep it forever. Thank you Chris and Ryan for giving me a chance to do just that.

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