Let there be light | Maternity Session

If I told you this [ridiculously beautiful] Mama and I started coordinating this session ONE year ago would you believe me?? I know it sounds crazy, but it's true!! There was so much back and forth between us before we met that I was actually nervous before this session!! I was worried all this planning wouldn't be worth the location- the timing- the lighting- the whatever! Well, let me tell you: EVERYTHING was PERFECT- well, minus a few million mosquitos that cut us short.  Fast forward to our session. The moment this sweet, little angel could see me she started talking and I started falling in love. What a doll!!! I could just keep her forever. I enjoyed her sweetness, her matter of factness that only a three old brings! This ridiculously adorable and fun family was so easy and fun to play with in the sun I wish we had had more time! (The mosquitos kicked us out, and I added bug spray to my arsenal later that night!!)

This family is just as sweet as pie. Seriously. This was our first time meeting and I would have invited them to my wedding.  They were so kind and loving to one another you could tell it was definitely not an act, It was intentional and inspirational. I wanted to capture their spirit and love for one another, and think we created BEAUTIFUL images together. This is why I love what I do so much. I was able to freeze time just as it was before baby arrived and it was just them and their sweet girl.

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