Mommy & Me | Off On an Adventure!

Oh, Amanda, you had no idea the adventure we were about to travel on! :)  It may have taken a few locations and a bit more driving that we wanted, but we finally found our spot! We wanted snow. We wanted it bad. Put in a lot of effort to get it, but a las it was not meant to be- for more than a minute anyway. The snow was soft from the warm day and every step was taken with hesitation as we sank in knee (or hip!) deep. I wish I had a video of me trying to get Miss O. to smile while moving around her and falling every other step. (We may have traumatized her now that I think about it!) Poor Miss O. was not having it, and really neither were we. And so we headed to our last- and magical- spot hoping (PRAYING) it would work out. 

Hello, final location. You were worth it. Dreamy lighting, beautiful backdrops and parking on the first sunny Sunday in PNW! Total win!!  I knew this Mama, Amanda, many years ago, and it was so nice seeing her again as a Mom now herself. I love that I was able to capture this beautiful side of her, when I myself was seeing it for the first time. I really loved it and so look forward to seeing them again. (Next time I'm bringing my kid. He will get her to smile! Dare I say laugh?) Mommy and me sessions are so dear to me, as a mother myself. It is rarer for us to get in front of the camera and we seem to appreciate these images even more!! 

This little monkey is very serious. I tried every trick I could think of to make her smile. But look! I got it! I don’t know how I did it. (I bet it was when she saw the dog! Note to self: bring a dog!) Thank you Amanda and Miss O. for venturing out with me and chasing the light. I had so much fun. Can't wait to play again!

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