"My husband and daughter will be in matching Navy blues, is that okay?" I could have fainted. I was SO excited for this session and it was everything I wanted!! We scheduled it for a time that worked best with our schedules (mostly sleep schedules) and didn't make it golden hour, but that was not an issue for us! We made that harsh lighting work with us and were still able to capture the Naval base behind them. I loved everything about our session. Mom got RIGHT in the water without any hesitation at the BEGINNING of our session because she is clearly that kind of awesome Mom. Dad knew just how to make this smart little cookie giggle, too. We danced and played on the beach for awhile and I could have stayed all night!! 

Did I mention this beautiful Mom is also a Make up Artist?! Isn't her makeup gorgeous??  Ummm, Jessica, can you make ME look like that?! ;) I seriously look forward to working with you again in the future! 

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