This Beautiful Life - Filling the Frame Photography

This Beautiful Life

I fell in love with this family the very first get together we had. We joined their co-op and were immediately embraced in a beautiful village of women and men raising strong babies. We knew we were where we meant to be. This Mama and I definitely hit it off and our boys couldn't be crazier then when they are together. Naturally, when they asked for a session I let out an EEEEEK! As there is nothing more beautiful than capturing someone you admire with the people they love the most.

We had so much fun playing in the green grass and fading sunlight. There were lots of tickling and giggles and a whole lot of laughter. There was running, jumping and mayyyybe a little rough housing. ;) Thanks Dad.

This family is so beautiful inside and out, all I wanted was to capture that. To capture their love and silliness. Their admiration for each other. Thank you, Morton Family. You made my night (I can still hear those belly laughs) and I am so thankful for the opportunity to freeze time, right now, forever and ever!

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