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Magic Hour Foundation

Are you, or someone you know battling cancer? If so, then you understand that time is even more precious and fleeting. We have joined Magic Hour Foundation in offering FREE family/portrait sessions for anyone battling cancer.  

Let me share a story about my best friend. She was married to THE ONE, on maternity leave with their brand new baby snuggling at home in their bed, when all of a sudden her husband couldn’t see. Then he was being rushed to the hospital, to endure endless tests, surgeries, chemo, and radiation only to find out he had an inoperable brain tumor (stage 4 brain cancer) and their lives would never be the same. He fought for 9 hard months before he passed away, just weeks before his daughter's first birthday. His daughter will never actually remember him, but he lives on through pictures and memories. 

THESE images are why we offer FREE portrait/family sessions to anyone fighting cancer. After our friend passed away, we began to offer these sessions on word of mouth. We weren't sure exactly how to reach people respectfully. That's when we found Magic Hour Foundation and knew it was a perfect fit for us! PLEASE spread the word and help us to freeze time for those who need this gift most of all.

Please let me know if you'd like more information or click the link below to find out how it works. You can also nominate someone you know for a free session. 

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