Magic Hour Foundation

If you or someone you love is battling cancer, come visit us for a FREE family photography session. Let us give you an afternoon to intentionally connect with the ones you love most. These images will be reflected on for generations to come.

We had been offering these for years when we found Magic Hour Foundation and knew it was a perfect fit for us! PLEASE help us spread the word and help us to freeze time for those who need this gift most of all.

Let me share a story about my best friend. She was married to THE ONE. They had just had their first baby, and were snuggled in bed loving each other and this part of their lives. All of sudden he couldn't see, and then their worlds completely changed. He was rushed to the hospital, endured endless tests, surgeries, chemo, radiation before they could even process what was happening. They went into survival mode, taking each day as it came to them. In the end, he had an inoperable brain tumor and stage 4 brain cancer. They fought hard and 9 months later he was gone.

That sweet baby girl I mentioned earlier is 10 now, and you know what images she treasures? ANY image he is in. She loves looking at her Mommy and Daddy's wedding photos, their maternity images, and probably above all else, those images after she was born.

THESE images are why we offer FREE portrait/family sessions to anyone fighting cancer. Come to our riverfront home and studio in Gold Bar, and celebrate your legacy, your love and your family for one night and let us capture it all. We can freeze time and save it for generations to come.

Proudly photographing families in the surrounding areas in Snohomish and King County, WA.

Our family and business are inclusive and value our differences. Come as you are.