The Tulips are coming!!

Magical Tulip Mini Sessions in La Conner, WA

Welcome to a world of enchantment amidst the breathtaking beauty of RoozenGaarde Tulip Fields in La Conner, Washington. Immerse yourself in the charm of our Tulip Mini Sessions, capturing moments that will become cherished memories for generations to come.

Why Tulip Mini Sessions?

Picture this: golden rays of the sun kissing the vibrant tulips, creating a mesmerizing backdrop for your family's story. Our sessions offer you the unique opportunity to freeze these moments in time, ensuring that the magic of the tulip bloom is forever encapsulated in your family album.


To Be Decided We're eagerly awaiting the perfect moment when the tulips bloom in all their glory. The session date will be announced as soon as RoozenGaarde Tulip Fields reveals their bloom schedule to guarantee the most picturesque setting.


Sunrise or Sunset Choose between the ethereal glow of sunrise or the warm hues of sunset, each offering a distinct ambiance to your photographs. Our experienced photographer will skillfully capture your family in the best light, creating a timeless collection of images.

Make it an event to remember by dressing up in your favorite outfits. Whether it's coordinating colors or embracing a theme, your attire will add an extra layer of magic to the photos. Imagine the joy of flipping through your family album and reliving these moments where everyone looked their best.

Our Tulip Mini Sessions are not just about photographs; they are about creating an experience. It's a chance to bond with your loved ones in a stunning setting, surrounded by nature's beauty. Our skilled photographer will guide you through the session, ensuring that every smile, every glance, and every touch is perfectly captured.

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