Gray Bridge Wedding Photographer

Getting Married at Gray Bridge

Gray Bridge is the answer when you want a country wedding with all the amenities. This exquisitely designed outdoor wedding venue is within an hour's drive of Seattle. If you want to avoid the old-style barn wedding and still have the relaxed farm atmosphere, the Gray Bridge venue is just what you are looking for. Your special day will be like no other, and your wedding photos will provide you with all the best memories for many years to come.

As an outdoor venue, you have multiple options. Scheduling a virtual tour of the venue is the best way to see all of the farm's unique features. When your guests arrive, they can begin to explore the property. Some may even choose to take a few pictures with our Norwegian Fjord horses, Muscovy ducks, and our Katahdin Hair sheep. The wedding venue is a working farm in every way, and when you book your wedding, you become part of the action! It will be an amazing evening for all to enjoy!


Gray Bridge History

Gray Bridge wedding venue is part of a much larger working farm. At Trout Pond Farm, staff are always on hand to help you make the most of your visit. If you choose to have your wedding at Gray Bridge, the property has been designed to accommodate you in every way. Amazing Matt continues to create new features for our guests to enjoy. The beautiful bridge is one of many things that he has incorporated into the farm.

Our pastures are close by so you can have our beautiful Norwegian Fjord horses and Katahdin Hair sheep in a few of your gorgeous wedding photos. No farm wedding would ever be complete without an animal or two in the wedding photos. Many people think of them as the secret stars of the venue. Ivy works continuously to ensure that the greenery is perfect and that the many varietals of rhododendrons are beautifully displayed in all your pictures.


Gray Bridge Events and Weddings

Gray Bridge is an absolute dream of a venue located in Sultan, Washington. The wedding venue is about an hour away from Seattle, so you don't have to go far if you need a few last minute things before the ceremony starts. Trout Pond Farm is a private estate designed for exclusive use. You don't have to worry about unexpected visitors or distractions.

When it's time to choose the area for the ceremony, you have several options, including the waterfront amphitheater. In addition to the large reception tent with ample seating, there is also a cute bar area where you and your guests can share a cocktail and relax. The covered dance floor is the perfect place to burn off any extra energy you may have left over. After the ceremony and reception, the bride and groom can retire to the comfiest bridal suite.


Your Gray Bridge Wedding Photographer: Meet Filling the Frame Photography

As your Seattle wedding photographer, I am here to capture all the beauty and joy your wedding day holds. I can capture all of the most incredible elements that add to the beauty of Gray Bridge. The natural ponds and exquisite mountain views are the perfect settings for you to marry your best friend. At the end of the day, you can sit by the fire pit and enjoy your first night together as husband and wife.

My name is Kalie. My husband Devon and I enjoy wedding photography, and we work together to make dreams come true. We love what we do! Working with Stacy and Matt is so much fun! They love their farm like we love capturing moments!


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I want to know your story and your "why". I am looking forward to creating a wedding album that not only tells the story of your love for one another but brings it to life for all to see. The Gray Bridge offers you the perfect setting to tell your story and share your special day with those closest to you. I can't wait to get started!