Why Newborn Photography is so importanT

A newborn baby is the most memorable time in a family's life. It's a time for celebration, for big changes, and new beginnings. That's why it's so important to capture these moments with a professional newborn photographer. We love babies and cherish the photos we had of our kids when they were first born. Not only are newborn photos beautiful and timeless, but they provide a precious record of your baby's first few months.

What is newborn photography?

Newborn photography is a type of photography that captures an important time of life shortly after your baby is born. Typically, these photoshoots take place in a studio which offers a warm, comfortable environment which benefits from access to props, lighting and facilities (like our Wallace Retreat studio near Seattle). However, documentary-style photography can be done to capture candid moments in your home. The popularity of newborn photography has certainly grown over recent years. There are some examples of newborn photography taken in our studio:

Why you should get professional newborn photography

The birth of a new baby is a busy time for every parent. With so much on it may be hard to fit a newborn photo shoot into your schedule. If you book a photoshoot at our Wallace Retreat studio, you can enjoy an experience with your baby that you can look back on in years to come.

Timing is everything

The beginning is hard. You're adjusting to a new sleep schedule (which isn't something you have much control over), and it will feel as if time is standing still. However, timing is everything as your baby will develop so quickly during those first few weeks. We aim to have your photoshoot within the first 21 days of life, so we can capture your sweet baby at their tiniest. They grow so rapidly over their first year, that it is a treasure to have images to reflect back on and remember just how small they once were. Having a professional photo shoot ensures you capture those special moments forever. You also have the option to book follow-up photo shoots throughout the first year to document your little one's progress. With so many options, we would love to create the perfect images for you!

Let us capture your story

A professional photographer has the education, skills, experience and studio equipment to ensure they capture beautiful images of your newborn baby in a unique and meaningful way. Leave the technicalities to us, so we can explore and create a vision that is truly personal to you! Newborn photography requires a lot of patience and skills to handle the baby safely and pose them in the right way to create a beautiful image that is meaningful to you.

Newborn Photography Photoshoot


Newborn photography is a great way to capture your little one in their natural environment. It's important your baby is relaxed and has a soothing experience. We've done hundreds of photoshoots now so are experts at ensuring this!


When handling a newborn baby for a photoshoot, safety is the top priority of course. We work with you and your baby to ensure they are safe at all times and are not placed in uncomfortable poses or dangerous settings.


Props such as blankets, baskets and flowers can be used to create distinctive images of your baby. Babies are often pictured wrapped but you can also bring an outfit change for a different look. newborn photography is important because it captures your baby's first year in pictures. Having professional photos of your little one establishes a lifelong connection between you and the photographs.


Our Wallace Retreat studio has all the facilities you need for an enjoyable photoshoot. This includes a rural location, changing facilities, parking, studio space and a viewing area. We'd love to welcome you and your family to visit here!


Why is it so important to take newborn photos?

Newborn photography captures a moment in time that will never be replicated. Memoirs of your beautiful baby will always last, and newborn photos capture their innocence and personality at its very best.

Is newborn photography worth it?

Yes, newborn photography is definitely worth it! newborn photography captures the first moments of a baby's life and documents milestones during those first few weeks and months.

Is newborn photography safe?

Safety is the top priority for newborn photography photoshoots. This includes safe handling and posing of and with your baby. Don't entrust your baby to someone who is not experienced in doing newborn photoshoots.

Where do you take newborn photos?

We offer our Newborn Photography sessions either in your home or at our riverfront property and studio. There are advantages to choosing either location. We are able to create sets in our studio prior to your arrival, and have all the options on hand.

How long are Newborn Sessions?

Newborn sessions are generally 2 hours for images of just baby, and are closer to 3 hours when we include family and sibling images.


Newborn photography is an amazing way to capture the little miracle of your new baby. The photo shoot allows you to capture your baby in a comfortable environment and capture all their precious moments. By getting professional newborn photography with Filling the Frame Photography, you can ensure that your baby's photos are beautiful, safe and will last a lifetime.

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