Did you recently welcome a new member into the family? Seeking an unforgettable way to celebrate this precious phase of life? Filling the Frame Photography presents a unique opportunity to freeze the early days of your baby's life through mesmerizing professional photographs.

Filling the Frame Photography's Newborn Workshop:

As leaders in newborn photography, we're excited to host an elite Newborn Workshop. Set against the backdrop of our picturesque riverfront studio in Gold Bar, WA, this event is destined to produce captivating images that capture the heart and soul of your little one's earliest days.

Event Details:

Date: Saturday, September 2nd

Session Duration: A comprehensive 2-3 hour workshop

Venue: Our breathtaking riverfront studio in Gold Bar, WA

Age: Model must be less than 2 weeks old.

Why Should You Participate?

Picture Perfect: Not only will your newborn be the star of the show, but you will also receive a beautifully edited gallery highlighting the incredible poses and moments captured throughout the session.

Special Parent Posing Session at 10 am: A one-of-a-kind opportunity to be a part of your baby's photo shoot. This exclusive session allows parents to join in and create touching family photos that speak a thousand words.

Things to Keep in Mind:

Limited Availability: With just two coveted spots up for grabs, this is an opportunity that's as exclusive as it gets. Don't miss out! We have a waitlist in case a model is unable to make it.

Refundable Deposit: We request a $60 deposit to secure your spot. This is purely to ensure our tiny stars are ready for their grand moment. Rest assured, this deposit is 100% refundable, returned to you immediately after the session as long as you attend.

Come, take center stage with your bundle of joy, and weave memories that will be treasured for generations. Every click, every pose will echo the joy, purity, and innocence of this unparalleled time in your life.

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