Newborn Session Prep Guide

You're Booked!

We are so excited to work with you and create beautiful, timeless images of your newborn. Over the years we have compiled a few suggestions that will help us to have a smooth session. The faster we are able to transition baby into different wraps, outfits and poses the more variety we are able to give you in your final gallery. These are suggestions, helpful tips and if any of them cause chaos or discomfort, please always do what feels best for you!

Before your session

Staying awake. Try to keep baby awake for a good 1 to 1.5 hours before the session. You can choose to give them a bath or a sponge bath to help keep them awake.

Feeding time. Try to coordinate baby's morning feeding schedule so baby is ready to feed right before you are about to leave the house. Top off baby and finalize with a nice big burp. The car ride on the way to the studio tends to get babies super sleepy so that I can often transfer from the carseat to the shooting space.

Baby's Clothing. Please bring baby wearing just a footie onesie, no socks & loosen the diaper a touch. This prevents me from having to remove any items over the baby's head. We will provide all outfits and wraps during the session.

Parents Clothing. We love white or black Tshirts. This newborn photo shoot has one star, your baby. The matching Tshirts, lets us focus on the tiniest subject and your love and connection with them. We recommend blue jeans, khakis, or black pants.

If nursing, do your best to stay away from acidic foods for 24 hours before the session. Foods such as tomato sauce, most fruits, eggs, caffeinated drinks, sodas, etc. This will help avoid any discomfort to the baby during the session.

A pacifier/ bottle will be the most helpful tool in soothing baby already in a pose. A bottle with milk/formula is also very helpful to keep baby sleepy when already in a pose and starting to stir. I fully respect your choices, and again want you to do what feels good to you.

Extra person. If you are including siblings in your newborn session, if someone is available to take them home halfway through the session it would be helpful to keep baby sleeping for their photo time. Not necessary by any means, just helpful if it is available to you.

Again, thank you for choosing us to capture this quickly changing time in your lives. We feel honored to create these images with you and know they will be treasured for a long time to come!