Wallace Falls Lodge Wedding Photographer

Getting Married at Wallace Falls Lodge

Wallace Falls Lodge is a beautiful wedding venue that rests at the base of the beautiful Cascade Mountains. Located outside Gold Bar, WA, the

Lodge offers a quiet and secluded area where you can share your wedding day with your family and friends. The lodge is a perfect getaway for a destination wedding. Saying your vows surrounded by nature and a beautiful mountain range is a humbling and breathtaking experience.

Not far from Seattle, the Wallace Falls Lodge offers accommodations for one night or several days. The venue is surrounded by mountains and woods, making it one of the most beautiful places in Washington State. Large enough to seat up to 125 guests, you can share your special day with all your close friends and family. New upgrades are continually being made to make the venue more attractive to couples who are interested in getting married at the venue.

The History of Wallace Falls Lodge

Since 1999, Wallace Falls Lodge has been offering its services to couples who want a wedding like no other. The Chalet-style Lodge is the perfect type of building for the location. Each of its ten bedrooms has a full bath. New outdoor bathrooms were recently completed so your guests have access to the best facilities while attending your wedding. The lodge itself offers several amenities that most travellers look for.

New owners, Tahoma and Laura Doyon, bought the lodge from Tim and Mary Swanson. The Doyon's purchased the lodge in 2019 and began making a few minor upgrades in addition to the new outdoor bathrooms. Being familiar with the history of the property, the Doyon's purchased it in the hopes that they would be able to continue offering the lodge to couples who wanted a breathtaking wedding in the mountains.

Weddings and Events at Wallace Falls Lodge

Wallace Falls Lodge offers couples the best possible features anyone could ask for when it comes to a mountain wedding venue. The Chalet has a dining room that seats up to 18 guests. Wedding packages include multiple nights' stays. Extended stays allow you to set up for your wedding and then take your time tearing things down. The lodge has tents, chairs, and tables for weddings with up to 125 guests.

You can also have a smaller, elopement-type wedding inside the lodge. Our team has years of experience planning weddings and setting up tents, chairs, and tables. They can also give you a tour of the property so you can see all the unique photo opportunities that are available. From the waterfall to the scenic mountain views, your wedding photographer has everything they need to create stunning wedding photos.

Filling the Frame Photography: Your Wallace Falls Lodge Wedding Photographer

My name is Kalie, and I own Filling the Frame Photography! I love working with the staff at Wallace Falls Lodge! The property is absolutely beautiful and full of scenic views. The rustic feel of the lodge makes it perfect for taking wedding portraits. My husband, Devon, loves to cook. While we are busy taking photos, we may be able to convince him to throw some steaks on the grill and whip up a quick meal.

One of the reasons I love my job is that I get to share in the joy a bride and groom experience on their wedding day. It's those split-second moments that make wedding photography so special. Natural lighting and my knack for capturing pure emotion allow me to provide couples with the shots they will want to share with family and friends for years to come.

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If you've booked Wallace Falls Lodge for your wedding, I would love to be your Seattle wedding photographer! Call today so we can set up an appointment. Getting to know my clients is a must. I want to learn about your hopes and dreams and what type of photos you want. As a Wallace Falls Lodge wedding photographer, I know of many unique areas on the property where we can create stunning photographs. We can explore the property and find the ones that speak to you.

Check out my Filling the Frame Photography Facebook and Instagram pages. My goal with all of my photography is to provide each couple with a wedding album that they will be proud to call their own. I want it to be able to transport them back to the day when their lives became intertwined, and they looked forward to a future full of love and promise.