Choosing the Best Seattle Maternity Photographer

Documenting your journey into parenthood requires a good maternity photographer. Maternity photography and newborn photos that are taken shortly after birth will be memories you will cherish forever. These photos capture the last few days before you become a mother and the first precious days of your child's life. Maternity and newborn photography require a photographer who understands the importance and meaning behind the photos.

The right family photographer can capture the emotion and feelings that are ever present when you are preparing to experience a life-changing event. It's essential to capture those moments that show your hopes and dreams for the future. Every parent has those moments of wistful dreams where they look into the future and wonder what their child will be like as they grow.

Wallace Retreat - Gold Bar, WA

Wallace Retreat is the perfect location for your maternity photos! If you live in Seattle, Bellevue, Woodinville, Everett, or anywhere near the Seattle area in Washington State, our studio is not far away! The Pacific Northwest is one of the most beautiful areas in the country, and our rural studio is in the middle of it all. We are also close to Snohomish and Monroe. Our studio is outside of town, so we can provide you with the peace and quiet that makes your photo session even more private.

Wallace Retreat is adjacent to Wallace Falls State Park. This unique location provides you with many natural backdrops you can choose from. Stand next to the Wallace River or relax in a peaceful meadow, no matter your preference, we have the best of what Washington state has to offer right in our backyard. The surrounding areas are full of wildlife and beautiful scenic vistas. In addition to the locations outside, you can also explore the inside of our beautiful studio.

Don't Be Shy!

We know that some people don't like having their pictures taken. With family photography, a family portrait won't be complete if someone is missing. At Filling the Frame Photography, the goal as a family and newborn photographer is to keep things as natural as possible. No stiff poses that make you look uncomfortable. Your maternity and family photos should show your family as it really is. When you arrive for your maternity session, during the first few minutes, we will be putting you at ease and helping you to relax. We want to see those smiles!

Learn More About Kalie and Devon at Filling the Frame Photography

We are Kalie and Devon, and we own Filling the Frame Photography. In the past, we took our clients to parks and nearby wooded areas for their photo sessions. Now that we have our beautiful studio at Wallace Retreat, we have a variety of natural and studio backdrops for you to choose from. Our studio is full of props, toys, clothing, and many other items you can choose from to create your perfect photo session.

We love our rural location and enjoy welcoming our guests. There is no place for hate in our beautiful world. Our studio is a safe space for everyone who chooses to visit. We are all-inclusive and embrace diversity. It takes all of us to make this world a better place. We believe that every person is unique and beautiful exactly the way they are. No changes are necessary. Come as you are!

What We Offer

At Filling the Frame Photography, we provide a safe, loving, and secure environment. We enjoy learning about people! The more we know about our clients, the more effort we can put into providing them with an exciting and fun photography experience. We offer all types of photography in addition to both newborn and maternity shoots. We work hard to be the best newborn photographer around. In the studio, we offer all kinds of props, vintage items, and toys to create almost any type of setting. We even have an assortment of clothing, hats, and accessories you can use for those special touches.

We offer all of the photography services you could want. In addition to the different types of photography we offer, we can help you choose the right frames for each portrait. As award-winning photographers in King and Snohomish Counties, we go above and beyond to provide all of our clients with the best possible experience, no matter what type of photography you choose. We have years of experience and do everything we can to make each photo session as unique and vibrant as you are.

Preparing for Your Shoot

We know being on "baby watch" is a special time for you and your family. Once you have your shoot scheduled, you can begin to think of ideas for your maternity photos. Don't be shy! Think outside of the box! Welcoming a new baby is a life-changing experience. It doesn't matter if this is your first or your fifth child. Each child is a unique work of art that should be celebrated in every possible way. During your maternity session, we can create a theme you can use throughout the child's life.

If you have a specific idea for your shoot that may require a special prop, call us to see what we have. We are known for creativity! We may have just what you want. We have many areas on our property that make beautiful backdrops if you prefer an outside photo shoot. If you want to see a few before you call, check out our website or our Instagram page. Many of our most recent photo shoots are online. Take a few moments and explore your options!

Welcome to Filling the Frame Photography

Welcome to our photo studio! At Filling the Frame Photography, we pride ourselves on being both different and incredibly unique. We don't live in a cookie-cutter world and we don't want to be like everyone else. Inclusion and diversity are the key components that make up who we are. We are a female-owned company that embraces the view that in order to provide a safe space for our clients, it must be filled with joy and love. This is our goal, and we achieve it every time we have a successful photo shoot. As your Seattle maternity photographer, we take our job seriously.

At any given when you visit our studio, Devon will probably be cooking. Be prepared to share a meal or a snack and a cold beverage. We want you to feel at home when you arrive at the studio. As you make yourself comfortable, hopefully, you will start to relax. When you are at ease, it makes our job so much easier. Our studio and the land that surrounds it are safe spaces where you can let down your guard and be happy. Your photo shoot will be a fun experience. We are here to bring out the best in you!

Make Your Shoot Special

Your photo shoot will not be like anyone else's. You may have a few special shots that you like. We can recreate old photographs or put a new spin on a pose that you like. We want your photo shoot to be a representation of who you are and how you are feeling. We can use natural light to create different effects if we take your photos outside. Shadows, angles, and the strategic use of props can create one-of-a-kind photos that will truly be works of art.

During a maternity shoot, we can include a few vintage toys. Bring a few family heirlooms to tie the past with the future. There are different things we can do to make your maternity shoot as unique as you are. Come and visit our studio and see what ideas we can come up with together. Sometimes, the most beautiful photos are the ones we never planned.

Call Today!

Call today to book your maternity photo shoot! We would love to be a part of your journey as parents. From maternity to newborn to family photos, we can tell your family's story! Call a few weeks before your due date so we have plenty of time to get you on our schedule. You can choose to have your shoot inside or outside the studio or a combination of both. We always look forward to celebrating a new life joining this world!



No worries! Some of our best photos were taken in the rain! We can always move your shoot inside and find a few new ideas to work with.


If you have special items that you would like to include in your photo shoot, please bring them! We have many other items you can choose to use as well.


It may take three to four weeks to ensure that all of your photos are processed and edited. If you order prints, they will take a while longer. We also offer prints, frames, canvases, and photo albums for all of your images.



Our riverfront property also has an indoor studio to keep us dry and warm. If rain doesn't bother you, then I like to start us indoors in the studio and then take the clear umbrellas outside to see if we can create some magic! If we are on location, we try to keep ahead of the forecast and make sure our location has a spot to tuck out of the rain or to fully embrace the puddles and the splashing.


We want your images to be personal and one of the best way to do that is to bring your own "props". A special lovey for the baby, a blanket Grandma made, or a necklace someone special gave you all add personality to your photos and we are here for that! If you have special items that you would like to include in your photo shoot, please bring them! If you don't, however, don't worry. We include all of our props and make them accessible to you!


It may take two weeks to ensure that all of your photos are processed and edited. If you order prints, they are typically shipped and delivered within 5 business days. We also offer prints, frames, canvases, and photo albums for all of your images.

Do you provide dresses?

We have a whole client closet filled with gorgeous maternity dresses. We fit a large range in sizing, styles and colors! Come and look your very best!

DO you provide hair and makeup?

We do not include hair and makeup in our sessions, but we work with some EXCELLENT Make Up Artists (MUA) and are happy to create a package for you to have it done when you arrive!

Where are you located?

We are located on the Wallace River in Gold Bar, Washington. We love living in the Pacific Northwest and are so thankful to be surrounded by lush green nature in the woods!

Proudly photographing families in Snohomish County, King County and the surrounding Pacific Northwest.

Our family and business are inclusive and value our differences. Come as you are.