At our family-owned photography business in Gold Bar, WA, we believe that the art of capturing candid moments is essential to creating timeless and emotional images. When you're looking back at your family photos years from now, it's the candid moments—the stolen glances, the playful interactions, the heartfelt embraces—that will bring back the emotions and memories of those special moments.

So how do we capture these authentic, natural moments during our photoshoots?

Here are some of our tips for creating candid, emotionally charged images:

Build a Connection

The first step to capturing authentic moments is to build a connection with your subjects. We take the time to get to know our clients, to understand their personalities and interests, and to create a relaxed, comfortable environment for the photoshoot. When our clients feel at ease and connected with us, they're more likely to let their guard down and allow us to capture natural moments.

Create a Story

Candid moments are often the result of a story unfolding naturally. We work with our clients to create a session that tells a story, whether it's a day at the park, a family hike, or a lazy afternoon at home. By incorporating meaningful activities into the session, we can capture authentic moments that reflect the unique personality of each family.

Embrace Imperfection

Candid moments aren't always perfect, and that's what makes them so special. We embrace imperfection and allow it to shine through in our images, creating emotionally charged and authentic portraits that capture the true personality of our clients.

At our family-owned photography business, we specialize in capturing candid, emotionally charged images that tell the story of your family. Whether you're looking for a fun outdoor adventure or a relaxed afternoon at home, we work with you to create a session that reflects your unique personality and interests. We believe that candid photography creates timeless and emotional images that will bring back the memories and emotions of those special moments for years to come.

Contact us today to schedule your candid photography session and start capturing the authentic moments that make your family so special.



Our riverfront property also has an indoor studio to keep us dry and warm. If rain doesn't bother you, then I like to start us indoors in the studio and then take the clear umbrellas outside to see if we can create some magic! If we are on location, we try to keep ahead of the forecast and make sure our location has a spot to tuck out of the rain or to fully embrace the puddles and the splashing.


We want your images to be personal and one of the best way to do that is to bring your own "props". A special lovelie for the baby, a blanket Grandma made, or a necklace someone special gave you all add personality to your photos and we are here for that! If you have special items that you would like to include in your photo shoot, please bring them! If you don't, however, don't worry. We include all of our props and make them accessible to you!


It may take two weeks to ensure that all of your photos are processed and edited. If you order prints, they are typically shipped and delivered within 5 business days. We also offer prints, frames, canvases, and photo albums for all of your images.

Do you provide dresses?

We have a whole client closet filled with gorgeous maternity dresses. We fit a large range in sizing, styles and colors! Come and look your very best!

DO you provide hair and makeup?

We do not include hair and makeup in our sessions, but we work with some EXCELLENT Make Up Artists (MUA) and are happy to create a package for you to have it done when you arrive!

Where are you located?

We are located on the Wallace River in Gold Bar, Washington. We love living in the Pacific Northwest and are so thankful to be surrounded by lush green nature in the woods!

Proudly photographing families in Snohomish County, King County and the surrounding Pacific Northwest.

Our family and business are inclusive and value our differences. Come as you are.