Fall Minis are LIVE!!

Fall Mini Sessions with Filling the Frame Photography

As the golden hues of fall paint the landscape, it's a magical time to create memories that will last a lifetime. At Filling the Frame Photography, we believe that every fleeting moment, especially amidst the picturesque fall backdrop, deserves to be captured.

Our Special Fall Offerings

This season, we're offering unique mini photography sessions. Tailored to those who love the autumnal ambience, these sessions are not just about capturing photos – they're about experiencing the season, the colors, and the emotions.

Duration & Details:

Each session's length varies based on the package you choose, spanning from a swift 30 minutes to a more detailed hour-long shoot. Depending on your preference, you can opt for 10 meticulously chosen images or access ALL the digital captures from our time together.

Exclusive Seasonal Pricing

Understanding the special nature of these sessions and the charm of the season, we've crafted pricing that offers both value and quality.

  • Our Petite Package, usually priced at $450, is now available for just $375. A delightful opportunity to save $75.
  • Our Grandiose Package, with an original price of $950, can be yours for just $800, allowing you to save a whopping $150!

Why such generous discounts? The format of these mini sessions allows us to stay in a single, breathtaking location throughout the day. This eliminates our travel times, and we pass on those savings directly to you.

Booking & Preparation

Booking is as simple as the fall breeze. A deposit of $150 ensures your chosen slot is reserved just for you. But act fast! These sessions are limited, and slots are disappearing quickly. Reserve your spot now.

To make your session flawless, upon booking, we'll share our exclusive style guide. This guide, brimming with tips and ideas, will help you dress and prepare to ensure your photos resonate with the allure of the season.

Locations & Dates

October 14th

Bellevue Botanical Garden in Bellevue, WA

This gorgeous picture to the left, yeah, that's where we want to be! Have you seen a red redder then this?!

October 21st

Everett Arboretum in Everett, WA

This is a smaller park with immediate color. I love how quickly we can get to the right location for you. There is a lot of variety for backdrops and poses.

October 22nd

Seattle Arboretum in Seattle, WA

These are perfect anytime of day since they have color EVERYWHERE! I especially love the vibrancy here! It is a big park so I recommend the longer packages if you'd like enough time to explore a bit. There are beautiful structures and color deeper in the park.