With Filling the Frame Photography

A Unique Setting for Your Session

Nestled in the serene woods of Gold Bar, our studio offers a one-of-a-kind experience. With a gorgeous riverfront property at our doorstep, we provide a blend of indoor studio sessions and outdoor nature shoots. This dual setting allows us to capture the beauty of motherhood against the backdrop of nature and in the cozy comfort of our studio.

Our Studio Offerings

Our studio is equipped with a wide variety of maternity dresses in different colors and sizes, ensuring that every mother-to-be finds her perfect fit. For our newborn sessions, we have an extensive collection of props, including an array of baskets, outfits, and wraps. Every detail is thoughtfully curated to make your photoshoot special.

A Glimpse into Your Session

At Filling the Frame Photography, we believe that every maternity and newborn session should be a memorable experience. Our sessions are designed to be relaxed and fun, ensuring that you feel at ease throughout the process. Whether you're capturing the glow of pregnancy or the tender moments with your newborn, we're here to make it special.


Our photography leans towards a mix of posed shots and candid moments. We love capturing genuine emotions and interactions, all while ensuring that the colors are rich and true to life. Our aim is to provide you with timeless photos that you can cherish for years to come.

Safety First
The safety of your baby is our utmost priority. We handle newborns with the utmost care and ensure that every pose and prop is safe. You can trust us to capture beautiful images without compromising on safety.


Tailored to Your Preferences

We understand that every family is unique. That's why we cater to your specific wants in terms of colors and themes. Whether you have a particular color palette in mind or a theme you've always dreamt of, we're here to bring it to life.



We recommend booking your maternity session between 32-36 weeks. During this time, your belly will be beautifully round and pronounced, showcasing the radiant glow of pregnancy. Additionally, most mothers-to-be find this window comfortable for a photoshoot, as it's before the final weeks of pregnancy when mobility can become more challenging. This ensures that you'll still be able to move and pose with ease, making the session both enjoyable and memorable.

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We recommend booking around your expected due date. This preliminary booking ensures that we reserve a slot for you in our calendar. Once your precious little one arrives, we'll collaborate with you to finalize the exact date and time for the session. Ideally, we aim to conduct the newborn photoshoot between 8 to 23 days after birth. This specific timeframe is chosen because, during these early days, babies tend to sleep more soundly and curl up easily into those adorable, womb-like poses.

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Can I include siblings? Grandparents?

Absolutely! Immediate family is included in the grandiose package. You can add on an extra people to either package for $50/person!

How long is a newborn session?

Generally they are 2.5-4 hours. Depends on the number of people joining the session and how awake baby is. The deeper they sleep the faster the session!

Do you provide a prep guide for parents?

Sure do! You will receive it once your session is booked.

Are you willing to come to my home for the session?

Of course! For some families this works better than coming to the studio. There is a travel fee to cover the extra time we spend traveling.

Do you have maternity dresses?

We have SO many gorgeous maternity dresses. Most of them fit a wide range of sizes and shapes. We carry a large variety of styles.

We have a blended family. Do the step parents count as immediate family?

Absolutely. Families come in all shapes and sizes. We are happy to accommodate for families that need a little extra time to fit everyone in.